Roblox views Apple Vision Pro as a potential platform for growth.

Roblox aims for universal accessibility, recently expanding into VR and exploring potential support for Apple's headset, amidst growing popularity and controversy over its developer revenue share model.

 Roblox views Apple Vision Pro as a potential platform for growth.
11-02-2024 05:23


During its quarterly earnings call, Roblox's CEO indicated interest in expanding the game to new platforms, including the Apple Vision Pro, highlighting the company's goal to make Roblox accessible on various devices. The company already supports Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR and views platforms like the Apple Vision Pro as logical expansions for its immersive 3D experiences, considering future developments in VR, MR, and AR technologies.

Roblox, aiming to be accessible on all platforms, recently highlighted its expansion into VR by launching on PlayStation and Meta Quest, which has attracted new users. The platform's CEO, David Baszucki, emphasizes the vision of "Roblox everywhere," including potential support for Apple's upcoming headset, suggesting that VR platforms have been successful in drawing in a new audience. Additionally, Roblox introduced real-time AI chat translation to facilitate global communication among users. As a platform that hosts a variety of user-generated games and experiences, Roblox is popular among children and has seen significant growth, partly due to the pandemic. However, it faces criticism for offering low revenue shares to its developers, with many pointing out the platform's exploitation of young creators. Following scrutiny during the Epic Games v. Apple trial, Roblox repositioned itself as an "experience" rather than a game.