iPhone 14 users are facing a recurring problem

Some iPhone 14 users are facing a situation where their phones automatically reboot and crash multiple times during the day.

iPhone 14 users are facing a recurring problem
iPhone 14
23-04-2023 13:51

According to reports from China, the iPhone 14 is having a rebooting or crashing issue once or twice a day. Many users think that the problem is hardware related.

Random reboot, crash

The complaints come from users who bought the iPhone 14 from an Apple authorized retailer. Users state that after the remote diagnosis and analysis report made through Apple Support, they were told that there was no hardware problem on their device, but when they called back, it was reported that there was a problem caused by the software update. Another user says that an authorized Apple dealer offered him a new iPhone 14 without a box.

No statement from Apple

It is not yet known how Apple will respond to complaints and what kind of solution it will offer to affected users.