Fake charging cable melted iPhone 15 Pro Max!

Apple warns its users about the use of licensed accessories. Recent events also prove this

Fake charging cable melted iPhone 15 Pro Max!
iPhone 15
23-01-2024 05:50

Smartphone manufacturers in the technology world constantly warn their users to use licensed accessories. One of these manufacturers is Apple. In the latest incident, an Apple user had a big problem because he did not use a licensed charger. Here are the details!

Non-original Apple charger burned both hand and phone!
Like every technology company, Apple often warns its users to use licensed accessories. However, many users do not take this into account. Instead, he believes that Apple's primary goal is to increase sales and profits.

As with most technology companies, Apple also has such a goal However, it is not possible to put this in the first place. The company warns repeatedly, especially for risks such as overheating and fire hazards. The latest incidents also prove this.Reddit user named NoisilyMarvellous made a post recently. In his post, he stated that after charging his recently purchased iPhone 15 Pro Max, the charger burned and burns occurred on both his phone and hand.

When looking at the image of the incident in question, the first detail that attracted attention was that the charging cable was not an original Apple product. The Reddit user also made some statements. "I knew the iPhone 15 Pro Max got hot, but after a month of use, mine got so hot while charging overnight that it literally left a burn on my finger."

He also said that when he removed the charger, it melted some of the plastic and left burn marks on the body. With all these, the importance of preferred accessories becomes even more important. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is original or not when buying accessories. It is also necessary to add the possibility that all these incidents are fake.