Apple Probes Phantom Inputs on Apple Watch Series 9, Ultra 2

Apple Delves into 'Ghost Touches' on Series 9, Ultra 2 Watches

 Apple Probes Phantom Inputs on Apple Watch Series 9, Ultra 2
12-02-2024 05:19

Apple Investigates Unprompted 'Ghost Touches' on Latest Watches

Apple is confronting an issue where Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 users report their devices executing commands on their own, as if by phantom touches. This phenomenon, detailed in an internal memo to Apple Authorized Service Providers and highlighted by MacRumors, manifests as the device acting unpredictably without user input, complicating tasks such as passcode entry.

Described as "ghost" touches, these false inputs suggest the watch is interacting with non-existent commands. While the memo doesn't specify the scale of the issue or a definitive timeline for a resolution, it recommends that users keep their devices updated with the latest version of watchOS, hinting at a prospective software-based fix.

Technicians are instructed not to attempt repairs on affected units during the ongoing investigation. Instead, they're advised to guide customers through a force restart process: pressing and holding the Digital Crown and side button together until the device restarts, signified by the Apple logo's appearance. This interim solution aims to alleviate the problem temporarily as Apple works on a more permanent fix.