Apple failed to prevent Jailbreak

Apple recently released an update for old and new versions of iOS and iPadOS. After this update, it was wondered whether iPhones and iPads could be jailbroken.

Apple failed to prevent Jailbreak
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07-02-2024 03:22

Apple released iOS and iPadOS 16.5 update. It also released iOS and iPadOS 15.7.6 patch for older devices. These updates contain few new features and are more focused on security and performance.

They include improvements that will make future jailbreaking more difficult. It was wondered what the jailbreak would be after the updates, the palera1n team made the expected announcement.

The palera1n team said on the Discord server that the palera1n-c tool is compatible with iOS and iPadOS 16.5 and 15.7.6 and can be jailbroken. In summary, there will be no extra update for palera1n-c, and palera1n-c can be used on devices with the A9-A11 chip.

Palera1n-c can be installed with or without root. However, developers have released Dopamine for devices with A12 - A15 chips running iOS and iPadOS 15.0 - 15.4.1. This further paved the way for root-free.
Jailbreaking allows for more customization on iOS and iPadOS, using different features, and installing apps outside the App Store. In short, it unlocks the operating system.

However, after this process, your device may be out of warranty and you may encounter unwanted consequences. Already in iOS 17, it seems that installing apps outside the App Store will officially come. Following the new decisions taken by the European Union, Apple must open iOS and iPadOS to external app installation by the end of 2024. Several different sources have suggested that this so-called sideloading will happen in iOS 17.