A counterfeit LastPass app was discovered on the Apple App Store, misleading users.

LastPass has alerted users about a fake app named "LassPass Password Manager" by Parvati Patel on the App Store, mimicking LastPass's branding and interface with potential phishing risks.

A counterfeit LastPass app was discovered on the Apple App Store, misleading users.
11-02-2024 05:27

The popular password management service LastPass has issued a public warning about a deceptive application available on the Apple App Store that is attempting to impersonate the legitimate LastPass app. Named "LassPass Password Manager," this counterfeit app, attributed to developer Parvati Patel, closely imitates the branding and user interface of the authentic LastPass service. LastPass's alert, published on their blog, highlights discrepancies such as misspellings within the app's screenshots, which hint at its illegitimate nature.

Despite these red flags, the fraudulent app manages to present itself in a manner that could easily deceive users by emphasizing the significance of password security and offering features typical of password management software. This imitation raises significant concerns not only about the potential for phishing attacks but also about the effectiveness of Apple's App Store review process in identifying and preventing such deceptive applications from reaching consumers.

In response to this situation, LastPass has assured its users that it is taking immediate action to have the counterfeit app removed from the App Store. The company has also committed to ongoing vigilance in monitoring for any further attempts to clone its app or infringe upon its intellectual property, underscoring its dedication to protecting its users' security and trust. This incident serves as a reminder of the persistent challenges faced by both app developers and platform operators in safeguarding against fraudulent activities within digital marketplaces.